At Herdabout Perm. Reg'd we strive to breed Mudis for health, temperament and structure. We are working to both preserve and improve the breed of Mudi for future generations. As it happens, when a breed is relatively small in numbers and there are not many breeders, we do not often agree on breeding strategies, and ideas that other breeders may have. However our differences, we can all agree that we would like to have healthy puppies and a healthy breed.

At Herdabout we have done many hours of research and take our mentorship in the breed of Mudis ONLY from the most successful and long time breeders of Mudis in Hungary. These breeders have been very selective (over 30 years) to breed only to the FCI breed standard in order to produce healthy Mudis that can win in the conformation show ring and in performance sports venues. We are not persuaded by anectdotal ideas of lesser experienced Mudi owners who may have their own crazy agenda for the breed. We believe in real experience, real science, and understand that DNA does not lie.

OFA testing: We test all our adult breeding Mudis for Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Legges Calves Perthes, Thyroid (including TgAA) and eyes with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Hips may also be done with PennHip to measure the degree of laxity in the hip joints.

DNA testing: There is limited DNA testing available for Mudis, but we do complete all testing that is available to us. VwD (Von Wille Brands), DM (Degernative Myelopathy), PLL (Primary Lense Luxation, found in Pulis) and MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance Gene).

Colour: For the subject of colour, we do the complete colour locus DNA testing on all our breeding dogs. We breed for colour as according to the breed standard. We do not breed for unique and strange colours on purpose.

Epilepsy: This topic frequently comes up as there are scandolous people who spread rumours as scare tactics in their effort to create fear and to sabotoge the work of many good breeders. So what is the truth regarding the situation on Epilepsy in the Mudi breed?


In the Mudi breed (as it is in people) there is a risk of 1 to 3%. What does this mean? It means that in a population (where there is no inbreeding) there is a small possibility that 1 Mudi may develop Epilepsy in every 100 puppies born.

This is a very low risk and should not be looked at with fear or over thinking. Even though there are no Mudis with Epilepsy in our breeding dogs, a famous and popular stud dog with no history of Epilepsy in the bloodline may in 100 puppies (bred to many different females) produce 1 to 3 puppies with a Seizure disorder. That is still a very low risk, especially when considering that not all seizures are Epilepsy.

Seizures can be caused by many things: complications during labour at birth. Premature newborns with hypoxia which can lead to neurological problems and seizures. True Eplilepsy can actually be aquired by an extremely high fever as is in the case of contracting Distemper, causing brain injury.

Any dog can have a seizure brought on by hypoglycemia, ataxia, reaction to medications (such as Ivermectin), ingestion of toxic plants or poisons, severe pain, shock from a trauma, head or brain injury, tumours, vascular abnormalities, liver shunts, kidney problems, metobolic or digestive disorders, hemangiosarcomas and cancers. These do not mean the dog has epilepsy, it only means the dog had a seizure reaction to an underlying condition.

True Eplilepsy is only diagnosed when everything else has been eliminated. This is done by using diagnostics such as full blood work up, toxin screening, urinalysis, Cat Scan, MRI, and a consulting examination with a board certified neurologist, and ultamitely an autopsy. These are the only things that can prove a true Epilepsy diagnosis.

We can happily and confidently report that there has not yet been any serious illness amongst our Mudis. We do not breed any dogs that do not pass their health clearances and that is why we can offer our puppy buyers our extensive health guarantee against Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Auto Immune Thyroiditis, Von Wille Brands Affected, and EPLILEPSY.

At Herdabout Perm. Reg'd our dogs are not just a HOBBY, but a LIFETIME COMMITMENT.

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