Herdabout Mudi is owned by us (Jeff and Kellie Whiteside).  We are professional, accomplished dog trainers who own Herdabout K9 Academy as well as successful breeders of Shetland Sheepdogs, under the name Herdabout Shelties which is Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

After breeding and showing Shelties in all venues since 1999, (conformation, obedience, herding, rally, and agility), we fell in love with the Mudi breed while watching the FCI agility world competitions in Europe.  Much research went into finding the Mudis that now live with us, in order to start our own breeding program in Canada.  We watched the European dog shows looking for the top winners and then finding the breeders who do all the health testing and stand behind their dogs for temperament as well.

Today we are happy to own some high quality Mudis that so far have been very successful in representing the breed here in Canada with their people friendliness and their accomplishments in the conformation ring.  Performance sports training for our Mudis is currently in the works.  We are very excited to be breeding structurally sound, health tested Mudis in Canada to both preserve and improve the breed for future generations as the breed moves forward towards full Canadian Kennel Club recognition.

If you have any questions about our Mudis or our breeding program, please contact us by email at

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