Costs and Guarantee

The Mudi is fully recognised by the Canadian Kennel Club but is still considered a "rare breed" dog in Canada.  Therefore we are very selective to whom we place (sell) our puppies/dogs too.  We want to ensure the best match possible so that both the Mudi and the new owner are happy.  We will send any inquires a questionaire to see if the Mudi would be a good match for the people wanting one, and we reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

Please contact us to inquire about our current pricing.  We are a registered breeder, we have both an import and export number as well as a HST number.  We operate with above board business practices with contracts, reciepts and charge appropriate taxes.

The cost of transporting a puppy to the buyer is at the buyer's expense and is NOT included in the sale price of the puppy.

We do not hold puppies or put people on our waiting list without a deposit/payment towards the puppy.

We are currently taking deposits for spring 2023 litters.

 Purchasing a Herdabout Perm Reg'd puppy includes:

  1. registration with the Canadian Kennel club (eligible for AKC registration), 
  2. certified CKC 3 generation pedigree on the puppy, 
  3. microchipped with the Microchip for Solutions ISO chip (recognised internationally), and registered in their "get me home" database.
  4. first set of vaccinations (DHCPP), 
  5. dewormed three times with Strongid T for parasite prevention against intestinal worms.  
  6. Pretreated to prevent coccidia with Baycox, and 3 days of Panacur to prevent Giardia,
  7. health inspection certificate from licensed veterinarian, 
  8. certificate for 4 weeks of free pet insurance with Trupanion, 
  9. a full unopened bag of the food the puppy is currently eating, 
  10. puppy starter kit from our training school (leash, collar, training treats, a  favorite toy, grooming comb & brush, etc.)
  11. a copy of our Herdabout puppy manual which includes our 4 week puppy preschool program from our training school.
  12. lifetime breeder support to answer questions about health care, training, and any general concerns or questions.
  13. Health guarantee: 
    • Lifetime for Auto Immune Thyroiditis (not Hypothyroid),
    • Lifetime for Degenerative Myelopathy, 
    • Lifetime for Black Hair Folicle Dysplalsia on dogs bought for show and breeding,
    • Lifetime on Epilepsy, and
    • Three year guarantee on Hip Dysplalsia and Legges Calves Perthes.

(conditions for health guarantees apply and are written in the contract)

There is a strict non-breeding contract and spay/neuter agreement on our Mudi puppies purchased as a companion dog.  

There is also a "Right of First Refusal" written into our contract:  so that anytime in the dog's life a buyer needs to rehome their Mudi from us, the dog must be offered back to us (the breeder) first.  We do not want any of the dogs we produce to wind up in a pound, shelter, or to be rehomed without our knowledge and consent.  

(Breeding/conformation show puppies are sold on a different contract).

Please contact us at for available puppies.



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